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  • How do I schedule a regular delivery?
    Fill out the order form provided or complete the call back service. We will then contact you back to confirm your order and the delivery days. Normally we can add you to the following weeks delivery.
  • How do I pause / unpause my regular delivery?
    You can either email text or call Mr Milk to arrange a pause in delivery if you are planing to go on holiday or if you have too much milk.
  • Can I have my delivery left somewhere else other than my front door?
    Yes you can have them where ever you think is safe, back gate, around the side ect.
  • Will I receive my next delivery if i forget to leave my bottles out?
    Yes if you have a standing order then the same will come every delivery.
  • How do I change / cancel my order?
    You can leave a note or contact Mr Milk Upto 24hours before, if its same day you will be charged.
  • Do the milk floats carry extra products incase I want to add somthing to my order at short notice?
    Yes we carry some extra long life UHT products, and some products. If not it will be automatically added to your next delivery.
  • How do I pay?
    Standing order / DD, Bank Transfer upon the bill